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Beta Thea Pi Camp 2007 was successfully held on last Friday. The quality of the event including the sessions, venue (same building, different floor) and the whole process are better than last year. Nearly 150 people showed up during the event.


I gave a talk on blogging which is the three of us are doing . I talked about the background of this blog and a bunch of services that worth mentioning based on audience request. Especially, I introduced those that I actually use personally. If I have more time to prepare for the talk, I would like to say something about how we break news, interview founders, and make the decision if a service is worthy of reviewing. In fact I haven’t decided to lead a session the day before the event. A big thanks to Robert  who encouraged me to give the talk. (Photos on the left side are taken by Kris.)

Several sessions impressed me the most. Rachel gave a presentation about user interface and multi touch devices. She finished some of the work in Microsoft Research AL. The demos he showed us are pretty cool. Diana introduced her Firefox extension, Mobilebrook, which helps remove nearly all advertisement on web pages. Advertisers are going to hate her. She has demoed the application both in Barcamp Beta Theta Pi and EduCamp, which is appreciated and respected.

The day was ended by two excellent talks by Calvin  and Alex  of Hakanobu. Why their talks are considered useful is because they are not only focused on their own startups, but presented something useful in general to the audience. I missed Vinnie’s talk about Web usability because I was giving talk in another room. I just listened a tail of Jeff’s talk about developing web2.0, but the whole topic is what I am very interested in.

Thanks for the following people who have covered the event: Fly, Soittig, Carsten, Franz, Oliva. Please go on. We have added a press section on the home page of

 DeltaTheta, where we collect links of event coverage.

As always, following is the full list of the sessions: