From Tuscaloosa:

1.Take Highway 82 to Highway 69 (this is where Lurleen Wallace Blvd. meets McFarland after crossing over the river) and take a right heading NORTH on Highway 69.

2.Stay 69 N for approx. 45 minutes, 69 N will intersect with highway 18, at this intersection go right on 69N. It will also intersect with Highway 124, again take a right and stay on 69 N.

3.Highway 69N will finally, at a stoplight intersection, go left just inside Jasper city limits, go left on 69N.

4.Take the first right at the first stoplight this is Elliot Avenue.

5.TAKE AN IMMEDIATE LEFT, and go over the train tracks. This is 9th Avenue.

6.Go through the stop sign until you come to a shopping area on your right, there will be a Guthrie’s on your right. Go right and go down the on-ramp and get on that highway. This is Highway 78. If you pass over the bridge, you have gone too far.

7. Go through two stoplights. You will pass the Jasper Mall on your left. After you pass Jasper Mall, you will see a Mc Donald’s up on your left. At the stoplight intersection there, go left. If you pass Burger King, you have gone too far. You are now on Airport Road. Travel approx 7 miles.

8.At the first flashing RED light, take a right onto Hwy 257 North. There will be a Vulcan Service Station on the right. Travel on 257 for about 6 miles.

9.Next, you will pass Curry Cemetery on your left. At the next intersection take a right. This will be Smith Lake Dam Road. Take an IMMEDIATE left onto Old Duncan Bridge Road.

10.At the rock wall that says “Sleepy Hollow”, veer to the right.

11.The house is the 25th on the left, down about one mile or so.
1743 Old Duncan Bridge Road
There will be a sign on the mailbox that says “Beta”.

Lake house number (205) 387-7548