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            Let me begin by saying that I am truly honored to have been elected President of the Delta Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Over the past year our great fraternity has been improving in all areas including academically, financially and socially. I will strive to encourage and continue this progress throughout my term and leave the chapter in a better state than when I came. After initiating 26 young men in the fall, we have once again pledged an excellent group of 7 new members this spring semester and believe that they, along with the fall initiates will do great things for our chapter. Upon receiving the Most Improved Chapter award at the General Convention last summer, we have decided to once again apply for an award at the upcoming convention and hope to return home with a Sisson Award.

            I have numerous goals that I plan to achieve throughout my term as presidency but would like to share those that I feel will be most effective and appreciated. First, I believe that academics should be the main focus of our chapter. We have ranked 8th in GPA among 27 fraternities in the past year. Upon completion of the fall semester of 2006 I plan to see Beta Theta Pi holding a place among the top 5 highest GPAs on campus with an average of no less than 2.95. Second, quality and quantity are my next greatest concerns. We will pledge a class of at least 35 students this fall and in turn see our numbers break 100 men; a number that has never been achieved in Delta Theta history. Finally, I plan to always hold myself as well as the entire chapter to the commitments that each and every member of Beta Theta Pi made upon his initiation; Friendship, Fidelity, and Cultivation of the intellect. It is incredibly important that our chapter never forget what our founders believed in when they created Beta Theta Pi nearly 200 years ago. With those principles at the core of everything that goes on in Delta Theta Chapter, I believe that we can do nothing but continue to improve and grow.

            As this chapter moves forward with plans to build a new house as well as expand in nearly every other aspect of fraternal life, it is necessary that each and every Delta Theta alumni realize how valuable he can be to this chapter in the upcoming months and years. For some time now I have been told that we are a chapter on the brink of greatness; now is the time to become what so many have said we have the potential to be and I am fully prepared to do whatever is necessary in order to take us there. Once again, I am so honored to serve our chapter in this way and look forward to the many great things that together we will accomplish.


Yours in ľkai-,

Blake Perry