Life as a Beta means...being with a group of guys who learn to live together as a group to share common goals, to build a team to help each other attain those goals. As long as you're a Beta, you'll never do it solo. You'll have friends, partners who will support you...always! Individual Betas keep up with each other over the years. And when you make a new acquaintance, and discover you're both Betas, a special bond materializes instantly.

Beta stands for...a set of principles that have attracted more than 150,000 young men to take the oath of Beta Theta Pi over the past 150 years. In a nutshell, it's a set of traditional values that have profound relevance to today's man:

Frienships with other men that transcend time and space
Scholarship, which is the reason you're coming to college
Loyalty to yourself and to new friends who will be loyal to you
Moral and cultural standards that will guide you through life
Mutual support whenever the road gets a bit rough

It all started when...eight young men gathered in an upper room on the Miami (Ohio) University campus in 1839 and founded the first college fraternity west of the Alleghenies. Even then, they determined to establish goals, the very same principles outlined above. Since then, Beta Theta Pi has attracted many of the finest.. from Artist George Bellows to Composer Stephen Sondheim, Wal mart's Sam Walton to Nike Founder Bill Bowerman, Supreme Court Justice Wm O. Douglas to Senator Richard Lugar, Adam West of Batman fame to Astronaut Joseph Allen and Wimbledon Champion Stan Smith to Basebal great Mike Schmidt. More Fortune 500 CEOs are Betas than any other fraternity; more Congressman are Betas than any other.

Is Beta Theta Pi for you?

It is if these principles - friendship and loyaltly, scholarship and high values, mutual it is, if these principles - are what you want out of life, too. Of course, Beta isn't for everyone. Our standards are high. We want to extend the hand of friendship to exemplary college men who demonstrate that they can embrace the principles of Beta Theta Pi. If you become a Beta, you will join a life long line of outstanding men who have proved themselves to be... WORTHY OF THE HIGHEST!!!