Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation

Your character is who you really are,

While your reputation is merely what others think you are.

Brother John Wooden, Purdue 1932
[Legendary Basketball Coach and Beta]

   "Since 1839, Beta Theta Pi Fraternity has initiated more than 160,000 at colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States. Beta continues to expand. The Fraternity grew from the founding group to more than 75 chapters in its first 100 years, the last 60 years saw an increase to the current 140 chapters and colonies. All members share the common belief in academic excellence, sense of tradition and brotherhood and unqualified friendship. Beta Theta Pi is growing and is always looking for prospective members who share these ideals, as defined within the objects of Beta Theta Pi." - National Fraternity Welcome


May 1, 2007

Dear Rushee,

Through various friends I have been informed that you may be attending the University of Alabama, and I am writing you to encourage you to do so. The University offers many excellent opportunities in many aspects of college life. An opportunity that I hope you choose to participate in is the Universityís Greek system. Fraternities at Alabama contain many leaders on campus and provide an outlet to make some of your best college friends.

My name is Johnny Harlan and I am the Rush Chairman for Beta Theta Pi. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you more information on my fraternity here at the University. Beta at Alabama is strong in many ways. We are a group of men who enjoy all aspects of college life- from intramural sports to academics, parties to campus involvement. Beta is also home to men who believe in steadfast friendship and will provide assistance throughout oneís college and professional career. We are also the oldest existing national fraternity, which was founded in 1839.

Beta strongly stresses the importance of its membersí academic success. We provide study hall hours and require a 2.5 GPA. This is our national requirement to be in Good Standings. Therefore, nothing less is expected out of our members.

Our social calendar is second to none with band parties every football weekend and weekly sorority swaps. The spring party schedule is just as good with Generic Party, The Sons of the Dragon Formal that is held in New Orleans, weekly swaps, and our big spring party, Beta Lei, ends the spring semester with a good time.

Beta contributes in all parts of campus involvement. Currently we have the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Judicial Board of the IFC. We also have members on SGA committees, two on Order of Omega, two Jasonís (the highest honor that a Greek man can receive), and others in other organizations and numerous campus honor societies.

Our house is also very involved in intramural sports. We have at least one team or someone representing us in almost every intramural sport. In recent years, we have competed strongly and finished a close second for the All-Sports Trophy with a championship football team, a second place basketball team and a second place softball team.

I hope that I was able to answer most of your questions on Beta Theta Pi. If you or your parents have any questions on the University, Rush, our pledge program or Beta, donít hesitate to call me or any of the other Rush Chairs.


Johnny Harlan Ben Glasscock Will Hardy
(205) 531-9113 (205) 335-9397 (334) 546-4738


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